What is

A Mastermind for Youth

A series of 12 weekly group zoom calls, tailor–made for young adults (age 12–19) just like you! Small groups – approximately four-six teens per session.

We meet weekly via Zoom for goal setting, accountability, physical wellness and learning new skills and emotional resources.

Course Objectives and Vision

For participants to assume 100% responsibility for their lives, set goals, take action, be accountable, autonomous and bold within the framework of a community.

Format: Structure of weekly zoom call
(60 minutes – start and end on time)

At the start of each week’s class, we set a timer for one minute of silence and intention setting for the hour ahead. This reinforces the practice to set a positive intention before the start of each new activity.

Each week students are introduced to new fitness workouts with demonstrations for proper form and technique. The assignments encourage the students to be active throughout the week and make movement a priority.  Assignments can range from walking, jogging, abdominal workouts, jump rope,  body weight exercises such as push ups and sit ups, and using free applications to complete structured workouts online.

During the personal check-in and goal setting portion of the course, each student sets three goals for the week and reports on what goals they accomplished from the prior week.  If they had challenges or did not complete the goals, we discuss the reasons why.  This weekly practice teaches the students how to properly set and verbally state their goals as well as how to be accountable to themselves and the group. 

Each week we focus on a new lesson from our 12 week syllabus.  The topics range from mindset to written communication and listening to your inner voice.  We present timely, engaging, relevant lessons followed by an explanation of learning lab exercises to be completed during the next seven days where students get to put the lessons into practice. Each Class participants discuss how they utilized the information from the prior week’s learning lab in their lives, discussing their personal experiences and building a community with their Future U peers.  These discussions are a favorite among the participants and facilitators.

Any remaining questions are answered during the last five minutes of class.  Students close the group with positive affirmations, words of encouragement or short fun group exercises.  The hour always ends on an uplifting, jovial and constructive note to set participants up for a successful week ahead.



Carolyn Hori, Co-Founder

Carolyn Hori, is the Master of Inspired Action, a business and health coach located in Los Angeles.

After graduating from UCLA, Carolyn had an extensive and successful career spanning over 25+ years in Commercial Real Estate. She specialized in real estate asset management for ultra high net worth family offices.

Her calling to align with her purpose became so strong that she eventually quit her corporate job to start her coaching practice. Her life’s work is to help people of all ages realize the highest and best versions of themselves through positive, inspired action and forward growth.

The Future U was born out of a desire to elevate the youth of today to help them realize that anything is possible with the right tools, work ethic and growth mindset.

Carolyn enjoys each moment to its fullest, pursuing hobbies such as exotic travel, scuba diving, cycling and entertaining family and friends. Her personal motto is “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try”-Yoda

Lucy Tseng, Partner

Lucy Tseng is a certified Mental Performance Coach working with folks who are experiencing major changes, particularly athletes of all levels who are transitioning to life after sports.

In 2012, she graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, Asian American Studies, and Education Studies. In 2014, Lucy graduated from the University of San Francisco (Southern CA Campus). Her master's thesis was focused on building a comprehensive life skills program that included development training for student-athletes.

She is currently part of the development team that raised $5.49 billion during The UCLA Centennial Campaign and focuses on raising funds for scholarships and student support. In July 2020, she was appointed Staff Advisor to the UC Board of Regents by President Janet Napolitano.

Lucy's breadth of experience has helped her discover her passion: being a resource to all people. More specifically, her purpose in life is to inspire and support others in finding, pursuing, and living their own passions and purpose.


Jake (The Future U testimonial)
Anastasia (The Future U testimonial)
Josh, 14, Scottsdale, The Future U testimonial
Elva (The Future U Testimonial)
Since his first session with the Future U, my son, Josh has shown increased energy and motivation! I really like how health and mental fitness is incorporated into the program. I live in the desert and to see my son inspired to run a few miles at 6:30AM is incredible!
As a single mother to a spirited teenage girl, I view Future U as a godsend during a challenging time! This program provides essential tools for self-reflection and motivation; which are welcomed more enthusiastically from outside the realm of the parent/child relationship.
Los Angeles
The Future U is a program that assists you in improving yourself and your lifestyle to explore and get and to know yourself better. The program has a high emphasis on goal setting, healthier life choices. Some ways are exercise, nutrition and hydration.

Los Angeles
The Future U is fantastic! Tara and Carolyn really know what they’re doing. The program not only helped me get organized in my daily life, it helped me academically. Learning how to take mindful breaks and recenter myself was extremely beneficial for my schoolwork, and goal setting taught me to be more self accountable.
Los Angeles
I have noticed that my son seems to be following through on his goals for the week which is great. I particularly liked his goal to help me out more with our recent camping trip. He jumped right in and set up the tents, inflated floaties for the lake, helped with cooking and was the s’more maker supreme. Thanks for all the good work. I think these are all good lessons for navigating life.
Los Angeles

Program at a glance

What is a Goal Short/Mid/Long Term Goals

Students learn to create real and tangible goals that are measurable, attainable and for which the they are held accountable.  This is the launching pad for their weekly goal-setting practice as well as their time to create a long term goal to be revisited throughout the course.

How to Self-Motivate through Adversity

Students learn the difference between growth and fixed mindset as they take the week to reflect on their own inner-voice and how it affects their aspirations. 

Be Present, NOW!

We explore the scientifically proven value of mindfulness this week. What is mindfulness, why do we need it and tips and tools for accessing the present moment and quieting the mind. We introduce the basics of a meditation practice, gratitude lists and positive affirmation statements.

Trust Your Intuition and Take Positive Action

This week is all about learning how to listen to our powerful, sixth sense, our intuition, gut and heart.  We will teach the students how to capitalize on using this powerful tool in daily life and how tapping into our intuition can help us make better decisions and guide us toward the right, positive-action steps.

How to Journal and Why It Works

Students learn to organize their thoughts on paper and are taught how to journal for emotional well-being, task-oriented success, relationship building, intuitive responses and intentional mindset.  They learn how and when to journal as well as how to use their input to pursue their goals and daily obligations.

Communicate with Confidence

Students learn the art of speech in order to be truly heard.  They learn how they have been communicating with people in their lives and how they can break unhealthy cycles of communication to have more fulfilling conversations in the future.

#Winning with Writing

Effective communication with the written word!  How to write and structure professional emails, letters, notes in order to communicate ideas, goals and desired outcomes with confidence, ease and simplicity.

How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

At this point, students have had multiple experiences with exercise, so this week is geared toward finding which workouts are most fulfilling for each individual.  They will gain relevant nutritional information in order to make educated decisions about food as it pertains to energy levels, mental clarity, mood and overall health.

Own  Your Choices

Banish the victim mentality and take 100% responsibility for your life!  Students explore what taking responsibility for all of their actions looks like in daily life and how owning choices leads to greater personal power, satisfaction and happiness.

Using  Failure as a Catalyst  for Growth

Students celebrate failure as the ultimate catalyst for growth. They learn how to face their mistakes and missteps with curiosity and purpose so that they can move forward with relevant lessons learned and pride in the attempt.

How to BE in the World

During this week’s thought-provoking lesson, students explore the differences between empathy, sympathy and compassion and how using these emotions can help them relate more effectively with all fellow human.  They are given examples of how their presence in the world affects everyone and everything around them.

Choose How You Want to Feel

Students will explore the physiological phenomenon of emotion and how long a feeling actually affects the brain without being triggered.  Students will then learn how to let go of emotions and create space for new feelings as they occur.

PRICING and packages

Full Program

Best Seller
$ 999 one time payment
  • We meet every week for 12 weeks via Zoom!
  • Small groups, 4-6 young adults divided by two age groups
  • Pay all twelve weeks in full
  • Receive one month free for our Future U monthly check in group (after completion of the first Session of the Future U)
  • Receive an hour, private consultation with one of our Co-Founders. This is transferable to a friend, parent, or another student!

Multi-Student Discount

2 Students +
$ 799 one time payment per student
  • We meet every week for 12 weeks via Zoom!
  • Pay all twelve weeks in full
  • Small groups, 4-6 young adults divided by two age groups
  • Two or more connected students in the same session
  • Receive one month free for our Future U monthly check in group (after completion of the first Session of the Future U)
  • Receive an hour, private consultation with one of our Co- Founders. This is transferable to a friend, parent, or another student!


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